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In 2017 Australian talent leads the way, both in front of and behind the camera. Local films include the Opening Night title We Don't Need a Map, television series Cleverman, 26 short films, six retrospective titles, 14 documentaries, and 7 new feature films.

Short Film


14-year-old Adele is torn between high school and her African family tradition, imposed on her in Australia.

Short Film

After All

After all is said and done... all that is left are memories. A man cleans out his childhood home remembering past conversations.

Ali's Wedding

Ali’s arranged marriage is looming, but he loves someone else. What’s a Muslim cleric’s son to do? This Australian comedy won an AWGIE for Best Original Screenplay.

Australia Day

On Australia Day three young people from diverse cultural backgrounds are running scared. Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) takes a hard look at the frayed edges of Australian society.

Short Film

BackBurning - Midnight Oil

Aaron Pederson narrates the story of the ‘most dangerous band in Australia' as they plan their first world tour in 20 years.


An epic, mouth-watering celebration of the tradition of barbecuing across the world: from South African braais and Texan pitmasters to a New Zealand hangi.

Better Watch Out

Home Alone collides with Michael Haneke’s Funny Games in this wickedly clever and twisted Christmas-themed horror-comedy starring Aussie scream queen Olivia DeJonge (The Visit).

Short Film

Beyond the Bubble

Three flat-sharing friends priced out of Sydney and are forced to consider the unthinkable—moving to the western suburbs!

Short Film

A Birthday Party

A teenager's loyalty is tested when he witnesses his mates commit a heinous act.

Short Film


Aided by a female Aboriginal tracker, a constable hunts a band of dangerous criminals on Australia’s western frontier in the early 1900s.


The world premiere of an invigorating Australian documentary: a beautifully crafted wake up call to the state of the earth’s oceans, dedicated to creating awareness and change.

Short Film

Brown Lips

Two cousins from Sydney's outer suburbs decide that the only way to feel loved is to turn their back on family for good.

Cleverman Season 2: Episodes 1 & 2

The top-notch team and cast behind the critically acclaimed Cleverman return for the second season with their innovative blend of mythology and futuristic thrills.

Connection to Country

The Indigenous people of the Pilbara battle to preserve Australia’s 40,000-year-old cultural heritage from the ravages of a booming mining industry.

Defiant Lives

The history of the disability rights movement, featuring a litany of impressive activists determined to create a world where everyone, regardless of impairment, is valued and can participate fully.

Short Film

Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films

Sydney Film Festival’s short film competition has launched the career of directors, writers, producers, cinematographers and other film creatives in its 48-year-history.

Short Film

The Eleven O'Clock

The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they each attempt to treat each other, the session gets out of control.


David Wenham’s feature film directorial debut is a touching love letter to Sydney. This World Premiere is an improvised experiment about the random meeting of two strangers.

Short Film

Family Happiness

A story about small cruelties, bullying and the power of a brother's unconditional love for his complex little sister.

Feminism & Film: Culture & Collaboration

Powerful collaborations between non-Indigenous and Aboriginal filmmakers and communities, as a prelude to Aboriginal produced work that burst onto screens from the 1990s.

Feminism & Film: Disruption & Deconstruction

Films that wilfully subvert the language of cinema and experiment with narrative form to extort filmic spaces for women's stories and voices.

Feminism & Film: Personal & Political

Influential women filmmakers and landmark films from the collective filmmaking practices associated with the heady days of the 1970s and '80s women's movement in Sydney.

Short Film

Finding Maawirrangga

Indigenous actor Tom E Lewis, once uprooted from his Arnhem Land home, returns after 40 years, re-connecting through the Murrungun songline.

The Go-Betweens: Right Here

The intensely passionate, creative and fraught set of relationships that formed one of the most loved bands in Australian rock history is explored in this classy documentary.

Hope Road

In the latest film from festival favourite Tom Zubrycki, a South Sudan refugee returns to his village to build a school, but his ambitious plans are challenged when life intervenes.

Short Film

How the Light Gets In

A single mum lives on the fringes of society with her young daughters. One night she awakes with a light shining from within that starts at her fingertips and spreads quickly.

In My Own Words

The raw, heartfelt and often funny journey of adult Aboriginal students and their teachers as they discover the transformative power of reading and writing for the first time.

Short Film

Into the Black Water

Through a chance encounter, a young girl finds clarity and freedom in an unlikely place. A story unfolding over the course of one night.

Short Film

Last Drinks at Frida's

A lonely jazz singer and a troubled Indigenous soldier find solace in an underground speakeasy where rules don't apply.

The Last Goldfish

A daughter's search for her lost family stretches from Australia to Trinidad and WWII Germany. Rich with archival images, Su Goldfish's autobiographical documentary echoes through all those touched by forced migration.

Short Film

Lost Property Office

Sometimes people can get lost in their work...

Short Film


‘Marrimarrigun’ is the story of Marrimarri, the giant spirit man who protects the ancestors of the Yawuru people.

Short Film

Melon Grab

Dysfunctional truth, rap and suspended youth: the final skateboard session between two best friends.

Short Film

The Milky Pop Kid

With a twinkle in her eye, actor and disability consultant Jules attempts to share with actor Craig what life is like living with a disability.


An epic cinematic and musical collaboration between Sherpa filmmaker Jennifer Peedom and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, that explores humankind's fascination with high places.

Opening Night Gala 2017 - We Don't Need a Map

Experience the 2017 Sydney Film Festival Opening Night Gala, presented by Lexus Australia. Walk the red carpet, rub shoulders with the stars, and attend the exclusive party.

The Opposition

A David-and-Goliath battle over a slice of Papua New Guinea paradise, Hollie Fifer's documentary finally reaches our screens following court action in Australia.


An inventive sci-fi thriller with a complex woman protagonist, OtherLife is the exciting new film from talented Australian director Ben C. Lucas (Wasted on the Young, SFF 2010).

Short Film

Outbreak Generation

In the midst of a global epidemic, Annie Spence finds herself the sole carer of her 8-year-old nephew, who wants answers. Ones that perhaps only a mother can give?


‘PACmen’ takes us into the inside workings of a Super-PAC to answer one of the lingering questions of America's strangest election: why did Ben Carson run for president?

The Pink House

The story of Kalgoorlie's last original gold rush brothel, servicing the miners since 1904, through the eyes of the whimsical Madam Carmel, 70, and its longest-serving lady of the night, BJ.


Pulse is the ambitious debut of the talented Daniel Monks, who writes and stars in this body swap drama blending sci-fi with sexual teen angst and identity crisis.

Short Film


Artist Del Kathryn Barton explores the unusual sexual cannibalism of the Australian Redback spider. With Cate Blanchett.

Short Film

Red Ink

When a delusional man tries to buy a box of crackers in a supermarket, shoppers and staff misinterpret his behaviour, leading to an unimaginable tragedy.

Rip Tide

Disney star Debby Ryan makes her Australian film debut in this perfectly-pitched tween feature about surfing, romance and deciding what to do with your life.

Rocking the Foundations

A new restoration of Pat Fiske's outstanding 1985 documentary on a NSW union's past endeavours to preserve Sydney's parks, neighbourhoods and historical buildings

Roller Dreams

Venice Beach, CA, 1984, and the birth of a new phenomenon: roller dancing! The beyond-hip talent draws massive crowds, but politics, money and gentrification conspire to end the dream.

Short Film


An unsettling thriller about passion, power and an attempt to turn back time. Selected for 2017 Berlin Film Festival.

Short Film


A grieving young boy accidentally injures a girl and leaves her in the snow. As the weight of his decision presses upon him, he sets back out to find her before it's too late.


If you've ever wondered what possesses someone to work as a creepy clown or zombie bride and scare the hell out of theme park visitors, then Spookers has the answers.

Short Film


Young James uses the immense power of his imagination as a sanctuary from violence for himself and his family.

That's Not Me

An aspiring actor takes advantage of her identical twin sister's success and fame in this hilarious Australian indie influenced by Girls and Bridesmaids.

Short Film

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

An actor playing Lady Macduff in a production of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', by an internationally celebrated director, questions her calling.

Short Film

The Wall

Life as they knew it was ending, darkness begins to descend. Fleeing their city, a grandmother and her grandson reach a tall, endless wall.

We Don't Need a Map

Filmmaker Warwick Thornton investigates our relationship to the Southern Cross, in this fun and thought provoking ride through Australia's cultural and political landscape.

The Well

Repressed desires surface in this haunting psychological drama with Pamela Rabe and Miranda Otto. This Australian classic deserves rediscovery 20 years after its Cannes premiere.

Short Film


An intimate confessional from Nick, who learns that the imaginary friend in his head was real, and violent.

The Year My Voice Broke

A rural NSW love triangle infused with teenage angst, as Noah Taylor and Ben Mendelsohn battle for the affections of a beautiful girl. Rediscover this 30th anniversary restoration.