Films From Central & South America

This year’s selection of Central and South American films includes a title straight from competition at Cannes screening in Official Competition at Sydney Film Festival, and two award-winners from Venice – the Golden Lion and the Special Jury Prize.


The uncompromising life story of openly lesbian Latin American singer Chavela Vargas - an inspiration for director Pedro Almodóvar and others - is revealed for the first time.

Short Film


Cuba got Wi-Fi routers installed in 18 public parks in 2016. For many Cubans, this meant going online for the first time.


When a Cuban boy was rescued off the US coast in 1999, no one could have predicted the wide-reaching ramifications.

A Fantastic Woman

The exquisite tale of a transgender woman mourning her lost lover from red-hot Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio (Gloria, SFF 2013). Winner of the Screenwriting Award at Berlin.

Short Film

Great Muy Bien

Citizens of all ages enrol at a makeshift English school in Havana, preparing for a future of normalised Cuba-USA relations.

The Grown-Ups

Adults, but seldom treated as such: that's the dilemma facing this group of friends with Down syndrome, in this warm and compassionate documentary.

Short Film

House for Sale

Three Cubans invite us into their homes to hear their ‘sales pitch' after the 50-year ban on home sales is lifted.

Most Beautiful Island

An edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller, with a complex heroine at its centre, about an undocumented New York immigrant. SXSW Grand Jury Prize winner.

The Untamed

A creature of another world unleashes people's base sexual impulses in this imaginative meld of social realism and erotic sci-fi which won the Venice Silver Lion for Best Director.