Sydney Film Festival presents as part of Vivid Ideas a diverse range of talks with guest filmmakers and industry experts. The venerable Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture is back; and debates and events return to the Festival Hub at Sydney Town Hall.

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Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture 2017: David Wenham

David Stratton, former director of the Sydney Film Festival (1966 – 1983), film critic and author, is in conversation with one of Australia’s most respected actors - David Wenham.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: In conversation with Ben Mendelsohn

Following the screening of Una, Ben Mendelsohn will discuss the film and his extraordinary career from the beginnings in Australia to his more recent international successes.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: In conversation with European Women Filmmakers

Directors in our Europe! Voices of Women in Film program speak about the gender gap. Moderated by Screen International’s Sarah Ward.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: In conversation with Warwick Thornton

Following the screening of We Don’t Need a Map, join filmmaker and artist Warwick Thornton in conversation with film writer Sandy George.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: In conversation with Shaun Gladwell and Leo Faber

Shaun Gladwell talks with VR programmer Leo Faber about his virtual reality work, including Orbital Vanitas featured in the VR program.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: In conversation with Vanessa Redgrave

Following the screening of her directorial debut, the documentary Sea Sorrow, join activist and actor Vanessa Redgrave in conversation with film commentator Margaret Pomeranz.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Extended Q&A: Chauka Please Tell Us The Time

Join Dutch co-director Arash Kamali Sarvestani to hear more about this extraordinary project. Presented in conjunction with The Refugee Advice and Casework Service.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Extended Q&A: My Year with Helen

New Zealand filmmaker Gaylene Preston will discuss her year-long project with former NZ Prime Minister and UN Secretary-General candidate Helen Clark.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Extended Q&A: One Thousand Ropes

Tusi Tamasese, the director of One Thousand Ropes and of the first-ever Samoan feature (The Orator, 2011) will chat about his approach to storytelling with SMH’s Garry Maddox.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Extended Q&A: I Am Not Your Negro

Join producer Hebért Peck in discussion with Documentary Australia Foundation’s Mitzi Goldman after the screening of this most topical film.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Low Budget? No worries

Join the Australian filmmakers behind That’s Not Me and OtherLife to get the insiders’ guide to low budget filmmaking.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Smash it Up: A Queen's Birthday Conversation

The Music presents this talk on Derek Jarman’s Jubilee and punk culture in Australia, from the UK’s safety pin-stylin’ swagger to the sweaty pub-rock masses of Sydney that defined a generation.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Things you never knew about Mad Max

Guardian Australia film critic Luke Buckmaster discusses his new book ‘Miller and Max: George Miller and the Making of a Film Legend’ about the legacy and revelations of the franchise.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Diversity on Australian Screens

Are we diverse enough and do we like what we see on the screen? The filmmakers of Australia Day and Ali’s Wedding discuss the realities of multiculturalism in Australian cinema.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: An Animated Conversation

Sydney Film Festival Animation programmer, Malcolm Turner, in conversation with Ann Marie Fleming, the world renowned animator of Window Horses.

Filmmakers Making Disability Cinema

Join the filmmakers of Screenability to hear about the inspiration behind their films, and be part of the discussion on what is next for Disability Cinema.