Virtual Reality at the Hub

Open your mind and expand your imagination with Japanese robots, dance battles on the streets of Sydney, an Antarctic dive and more. Don a virtual reality headset and transport yourself.

All VR experiences are 15+, no one under 15 will be admitted.


If you wanted to experience the first social virtual reality experience Life of Us, where you and a buddy watch each other evolve from primordial goop to dinosaurs, Neanderthals and beyond, it’s TOO LATE! All tickets for Life Of Us have now SOLD OUT.

Luckily, we’ve secured the other biggest hit of this year’s Sundance VR program, and the last remaining tickets are still available.

See the hilarious first-ever feature-length comedy VR film Miyubi, which Forbes called “the future of movies”, created by Funny or Die and an Emmy-winning VR team.

“In Miyubi, you are a 1980s robot… It's a cool concept, and casting you as a robot creates a plausible scenario in which characters can acknowledge your existence, without expecting you to hold a conversation. But things quickly became far more interesting than I expected,” Forbes wrote. “Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say that there are a couple of hidden scenes in this film (one of which features a cameo from Jeff Goldblum), and that your actions unlock them… The triumph of Miyubi is its ability to make you feel invested and in control of a live-action experience.”

In our other VR experiences, you’ll also get to dive beneath the Antarctic ice with scientists; take part in a savagely offensive puppet show written by comedian Paul Scheer (30 Rock, The League); orbit the earth inside a giant 3D skull; and Vogue it up with a trans-girl dance crew.

Your only chance to catch it them in Sydney is at the SFF Hub.

Programs curated by VR collective BADFAITH

***Some 'Selling Fast' sessions have only 1 ticket left available***

VR Experience 1: Life of Us

SOLD OUT: Life of Us is a shared and interactive VR journey that tells the complete story of the evolution of life on earth. With music by Pharrell Williams.

VR Experience 2: Miyubi

In this groundgreaking Sundance hit by the Funny or Die crew, a dad buys his kids a Japanese toy robot, Miyubi, to make up for his many absences. Guest starring Jeff Goldblum!

VR Experiences 3 & 4

Choose to explore either VR Experience 3 or VR Experience 4. These packages include the very best in international VR filmmaking and are one of the highlights of SFF 2017.