Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship

The Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship is the largest cash fellowship ($200,000) for short film in Australia. The Fellowship aims to develop and foster new talent by allowing young filmmakers to be assessed by key industry figures and premiere their work at Sydney Film Festival. The Fellowship provides a launching pad for the careers of emerging Australian talent and ultimately contributes to the longevity of the medium, and the Australian filmmaking industry. 


Enter the 2018 Lexus Short Films Contest

With no registration fee, when applying, you are in the running for both the Lexus Short Films series and the Sydney Film Festival Fellowship, in partnership with Lexus Australia. Submissions are open via until 24 August 2017. 

As part the Lexus Short Films series, this is an incredible opportunity to work with The Weinstein Company to express the theme “TRANSFORMATION: Amazing things happen when you transform the ordinary into extraordinary.” Chase your dreams, craft an amazing experience, and showcase it to the world with Lexus Short Films.

Submit online for the Lexus Short Films Contest by 24 August 2017. 


Meet the 2017 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellows

For the second year, four Fellowship winners received $50,000 each to produce their next short film, to premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in 2018.

Emily Avila

Goran Stolevski

Lara Kose

Thomas Baricevic

“The Fellowship is a significant investment in filmmakers looking to bring their next groundbreaking project to life,” Jury Chair David Wenham said.

“The Fellowship is about discovering new voices and ideas that keep art forms moving forward at the local level, and just one example of how we invest in fostering creativity and emerging talent,” Vin Naidoo, Corporate Manager of Lexus Australia said.

More information about the short films created by the 2016 Fellows, Alex Murawski, Anya Beyersdorf, Brooke Goldfinch and Alex Ryan, is on the Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala page



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