Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship

2016 Fellowship Premieres 

Sydney Film Festival and Lexus are proud to present the 2016 Fellowship winning short films at Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening on Tuesday, 13 June. 

This will be the world premiere screening of the first films produced under the auspices of the $200,000 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship. The Fellowship recipients, four exceptionally talented Australian writer-directors - Anya Beyersdorf, Brooke Goldfinch, Alex Murawski and Alex Ryan - will be at the festival to introduce their work. 

Australian screen icon Judy Davis, who chaired the 2016 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Jury said, “The Fellowship offers an incredible investment in nurturing the next generation of Australian fi lm industry achievers. It was an honour to be involved in selecting the four winners of the Fellowship last year: Anya Beyersdorf, Brooke Goldfi nch, Alex Murawski and Alex Ryan.”

Tickets to the Lexus Australian Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening are Selling Fast! 

2016 Fellowship Short Films 

How the Light Gets In, Directed by Anya Beyersdorf


A single mother living on the fringes of society wakes in the night with a unique problem - a shining light from within spreads, taking over her entire body.

Actress turned writer-director Anya Beyersdorf is a current Doctor of Arts candidate at Sydney University, founder of Sydney filmmaking collective Gifthorse Films and an AWGIE award winner.

Screens with A Ghost Story.

Outbreak Generation, Directed by Brooke Goldfinch


Amid a global epidemic Annie Spence becomes the sole carer of her eight-year-old nephew, left wanting answers only a mother can give.

Brooke Goldfinch studied fi lm at NYU and took out the Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director at SFF’s Dendy Awards in 2015 for her short film Red Rover.

Screens with Wind River.

Red Ink, Directed by Alex Ryan


When a delusional man tries to buy crackers in a supermarket his unusual behaviour leads to a serious misunderstanding and an unimaginable tragedy.

Alex Ryan is a UTS and AFTRS graduate, award-winning short film and music video director, and founder of Wedge Tail Productions.

Screens with Final Portrait.

Snow, Directed by Alex Murawski


A grieving young boy accidentally injures and abandons a girl in the snow, and sets out to repair the damage of his mistake before it’s too late.

Alex Murawski is an AFTRS graduate whose short Kiss screened at the Berlinale, Cannes and Palm Springs International Shortsfest.

Screens with In The Fade.

2017 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship 

The 2017 Fellows will be announced at the Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala screening, Tuesday 13 June.

For the second year, up to four Fellowship winners will receive $50,000 each to produce their next short film, to premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in 2018.

The largest cash fellowship ($200,000) for short film in Australia. The Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship aims to develop and foster new talent by allowing young filmmakers to be assessed by key industry figures and premiere their work at Sydney Film Festival. The Fellowship provides a launching pad for the careers of emerging Australian talent and ultimately contributes to the longevity of the medium, and the Australian filmmaking industry.

“The Fellowship is a signifi cant investment in filmmakers looking to bring their next groundbreaking project to life,” Jury Chair David Wenham said.

“The Fellowship is about discovering new voices and ideas that keep art forms moving forward at the local level, and just one example of how we invest in fostering creativity and emerging talent,” Vin Naidoo, Corporate Manager of Lexus Australia said.

2017 shortlisted filmmakers

An independent panel has selected 20 finalists to submit entries to be judged by the 2017 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Jury chaired by David Wenham. The winning Fellows will be announced Tuesday 13 June at the 2017 Sydney Film Festival.

Alexander Giblin
Beth Armstrong
Dane McCusker
Sam Gosper
Rueben Field
Sunday Emerson Gullifer
Arthur Angel
David Hansen
Ellen Richardson
Frank Margee

Goran Stolevski
Isaac Elliott
Lara Kose
Oran Franco
Thomas Baricevic
Victoria Thaine
Dane Hansen
Emily Avila
Josh Tanner
Sean Meehan

“It’s a rare thing to find a company that will support the arts and particularly filmmaking in this way…extremely valuable for Australian culture and for the future of filmmaking” – Beth Armstrong

“It’s incalculable, what that funding would do for the film…the possibility of my short film premiering at the Sydney Film Festival honestly, it’s quite humbling. Just the idea of having my idea be accepted into the Lexus Fellowship is rewarding in itself” – Sam Gosper

 “It would just make a world of difference really” – Alexander Giblin

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2017 Lexus Australia Short Fellowship shortlisted candidates - Sunday Emerson Gullifer, Alexander Giblin, Beth Armstrong, Sam Gosper and Dane McCusker - chat to us about what it would mean for them to win the Fellowship. 

Two of our 2016 Lexus Australia Short Film recipients - Alex Murawski and Anya Beyersdorf - talk to us after being announced the winners. 


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